Karting Night March 2013

The members of the BGG and their guests enjoyed a fantastic nights entertainment at Karting World in Grimsby in March 2013.

The event was a closely fought out affair and was ultimately won by Graham Kent from Anderby Driving Centre! He must have had an advantage being a driving instructor!!

To see some of the images from the night CLICK HERE

Go-Karting is one of the fastest growing forms of motor sport throughout the world and Karting World are proud to bring this adrenaline-fuelled experience to Grimsby, why not give it a try! Take a look at Karting Worlds website CLICK HERE.


The proofs in the footage!

This weeks presentation was held by Kevin Glancy, Head of Production for Creation Media, Kevin began the presentation by showing an array of previous footage they have created for clients including several commercials followed by interviews of celebrities such as Daniel O Donnel, Nigel Ben, Dominic Kirwin and Emily Glancy. Once the screen display comes to an end Kevin shows an example of the HD Portable Camera that is used daily and explains the smaller sized video camera is less intrusive and aids with making people feel relaxed when conducting an interview. 

Businesses all around the country are now seeing the benefit of video, Not only does a video tell your story, offer advice, showcase your service it also allows viewers to get the information they need quickly without having to ring you. People are time poor and video helps to eliminate that. 

You Tube is the worlds largest video directory and a promotional video or advert can help you be a part of that videos can go viral in hours around the world.

Creation media will guide you through the process of making a promotional video from start to finish advise and arrange the best places for it to be shown i.e on TV, sky or the web all you need to do is contact them. A stigma surrounds TV advertising that is expensive but creation media has some great prices that will surprise you, for example if you are a BGG member the making of a 3 minute promotional video will cost you around £250 and we allow 10 monthly payments to keep budgets realistic.

Creation Media are about helping you provide your customers with the right information quickly and easily and professionally . 

For more information contact: Kevin Glancy Tel: 07947 324 513 Web:

The Right Diet for BGG Grimsby?

Chris Kelly, Director – Pro Food and Fitness Ltd gave an excellent and very informative presentation at our BGG Grimsby meeting on Friday 22nd February about diet, weight loss and nutrition.

The Pro Food and Fitness Team have over 35 years collective experience in advising people the right things to eat to lead a healthy lifestyle and is all research and evidence based.

Chris explained how his company have an initiative call the "Right Diet Plan" which has the following Benefits:

  • —Effective weight loss
  • —Control blood sugar levels
  • —Improve mental alertness
  • —Easy to follow colour coded system
  • No need to count calories or “points” — —You can eat “real” food (butter, bacon, eggs, steak) — —The Right Diet Plan can be followed lifelong

—If you are interested in following the Right Diet Plan or have any further questions please contact Chris on the following: —Email: — —Mobile: 07526 512994