1. How Much is it to Join? – Membership of the BGG Grimsby is just £99 a year, there is also a £32 a month charge which covers the cost of location hire, breakfasts etc.
  2. Where? – We hold our meetings most Tuesdays at the Humber Royal Hotel see the How to find us page.
  3. What do I get out of the group? - Contacts, business, friends, expertise and the potential to develop business relationships. When we pass referrals from family and business contacts to fellow members of the BGG it is to professionals who we “Know, Like and Trust” it is after all a personal recommendation.
  4. Can anybody join? - Yes as long as the particular category is not duplicated, we accept members from all trades and professions.
  5. Do I have to come every week? - No, but the more you come, the more chance you have of improving your business, you get out of it what you put in.
  6. Why BGG? – It is true there are many other networking groups, the majority are “forceful” in the requirements to pass referrals etc. and usually a proportion of the membership fees are paid as a salary to the chairman or committee, the BGG is far more relaxed with the focus on quality referrals (quality not quantity), we also find the benefit of being relaxed is we have more fun, (There is no rule that says business shouldn’t be enjoyable).
  7. What happens to my membership fee? - All money goes to our own bank account, which is used solely to promote the group, all committee positions are voluntary and unpaid and every member has one vote on any proposals.
  8. Do I have to pass referrals? – No, remember we are only interested in quality referrals, however you will find the more you bring to the group the more you will get out of it.
  9. How many times can I come as a visitor? - Twice, but on the second visit we would ask that you make a decision.